@notjustbikes That said, it's a much bigger improvement to the previous, where you had to take an expensive ($70) cab or a bus along the 427.

At the least, I'm glad they fixed their initial error where the UP was a "premium" service and fares were significantly higher!

The train also acts as a commuter rail for those on the Weston/Bloor corridor

So, it's not all that bad, but of course, could be better.

@jbwharris Yeah! I'll have to check it out when I am back in the spring/summer. Love how the river peeks out at you. I even saw a beaver on my way back. My entire loop led me to Riverside Park. Was super nice.

Seriously wonderful tree canopy on the Mill Run trail within Cambridge, Ontario. At times felt like I was going into a tunnel. Pictures don't do it justice.

Being back in Ontario is rad because ... Polish shops. I found the equivalent of instant ramen, but from Poland. Woah!

Did buy, will try. Will likely have no regrets (pickle soup is bomb, btw)

☑️ A new cover of the Wprost magazine.
🗞 Wprost is a Polish-language weekly news magazine published in Poznań, Poland.
#Ukraine #UkraineWar

Just surpassed 1,300km of running for this year. I am very pleased with this, and it didn't really feel like effort (it's just part of my day now)

I'd love to shoot for 1,400 before year end. That'd mean some bigger (~20km+) runs this week, between all the holiday stuff we got going on.

Won't push myself, but that'd be rad. Will probably blog about the year regardless.

@chrisjamesdrew This is great news. I imagine its partly a result of the line of towns growing at a nice steady pace. Hope ridership shows up -- would suck to lose it again.

We recently published our Air Pollution Data Explorer.

Explore historical and recent emissions of air pollutants across the world: ourworldindata.org/launch-air-

@edmat I was playing with it, but don't have much context or education in this space (beyond what a typical person may have)

I noticed Brazil and the US (and perhaps others, but I did not see) have significant runs of Ammonia, but are otherwise on downward trends for most other pollutants.

Why is this?

Biting north wind still present at Point Pleasant Park, but great to see a sizable group show up for some bird counting (and feeding 😀). Personal count was three woodpeckers, 1 blue jay, 1 nuthatch, and plenty of chickadees!

Love this city.

@cks "it's long since past time that we stopped pretending that people on the Internet aren't real people." Yes!

@zane Disappointing to see sidewalk budget cut in a city that lacks sidewalks in many neighbourhoods, in many cases on both sides!

@zane Increase is below inflation so the "real" rate tax payers will see is something like -2%? Idk, I think we can raise them a bit more.

@MBoffin iOS does this for similar events, including flights. The flight alarms in particular greatly reduce my (perhaps irrational) fear that I’ve mis typed an alarm for an early flight — a little robot helper to calm the mind. :-)

@NBdatapoints Can’t the obvious be stated that South Dakota still practiced isolation and other measures to reduce contact over the past two years? Mandate compliance is one part of the picture. I’m not sure what this tweet (toot?) is trying to say, tbh

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